Alexander Graham Bell       Amazon Rainforest

     Baltimore Oriole

     Benjamin Franklin

     Boston Tea Party

     California Condor



     Christopher Columbus

     Civil War

     Delaware Colony

     Egyptian Pyramids


     French and Indian War


     George Washington

     Georgia Colony

     Harriet Tubman (NEW)

     House of Burgesses


     James Madison

     Lewis and Clark


     Maryland Colony


     New Jersey Colony

     New York (New Amsterdam)   Colony

     North Carolina Colony

     Peregrine Falcon


     Pennsylvania Colony

     Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius

     Ponce de Leon


     Rhode Island Colony

     Sacagawea (NEW)

     Sioux (Lakota)


     Susan B. Anthony   (NEW)

     Thomas Jefferson

     Trail of Tears

     United Kingdom

     Harder Practice

      Age of   Exploration      Amelia   Earhart      American   Revolution

      Assassination of Abe Lincoln

      Arizona   Cardinals

       Atlanta   Falcons

       Baltimore   Ravens

       Babe Ruth

       Battles of   Lexington & Conc.

       Battles in New   York City

       Battle of   Saratoga

       Battle of   Trenton

       Benjamin   Franklin

       Bill Gates 

       Boston   Massacre

       Buffalo   Bills

       Carolina   Panthers

       Chicago   Bears

       Constitutional   Convention

       Civil War

       Dallas   Cowboys

       Emancipation   Proclamation

       Florida   Manatee

       Fort   Ticonderoga

       Hank Aaron

       History of   Popcorn

       History of   Doughnuts (donuts)

       History of   Potato Chips

       Jackie   Robinson

       John Hancock

       Larry Bird

       Legislative   Branch

       Maya Lin 

       Mary   Todd Lincoln

       Mickey   Mantle

       Phillis   Wheatley

       Plymouth   Colony

       Siege at   Yorktown

       Thomas   Edison

       Tim   Berners-Lee (Creator of the World Wide Web)

       Thomas Paine   & Common Sense

       War of 1812

       Washington   Redskins

       Winter at   Valley Forge


     Butterfly Poetry

     The Crow

     Florida Boys

     Florida Panther

     Paynes Prairie

     Social Insects

     The Inverted Pyramid

     Zinnia & Her Babies

     Newspaper Article