This page is dedicated to sharing some simple and valuable articles, websites, templates, and videos that teachers can use as resources for co-teaching that I found on the internet.

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Co-Teaching Articles

Co-Teaching Universal Design: Strategies For Collaborative Classrooms (Click here)

This article, by Rebecca Hines, outlines and explains in detail setting up co-teaching in a classroom.  It also includes teacher templates that can be printed off and used by co-teachers.


This article, by, focuses on the importance of co-teachers working together when teaching together.


Pairing Up (Click Here)

This article, by, shares a Maryland co-teaching initiative that addresses how to address the needs of all students in the classsroom


50 Ways To Keep Your Co-Teacher: Strategies for Before, During, and After Co-Teaching (Click Here)

This article, by Council For Exceptional Children, identifies strategies to use before, during, and after co-teaching.



Co-Teaching Websites (Click Here)

This webpage on this website addresses how a general and special education teacher work together educating young people through co-teaching.  This page also provides many links to other great co-teaching resources. (Click Here)

This webpage on this website is from an Arkansas-based website that provides many links to various co-teaching resources.


Co-Teaching Lesson Templates

Co-Teaching Blank Lesson Plans Template (Click Here)

This template can be printed off and used for planning by co-teachers.


Co-Teaching Lesson Plans Example (Click Here)

This lesson plans example can be used by co-teachers who are learning to plan together.

Co-Teaching Videos

This video is part 1 of a two-part co-teaching training describing the essentials of co-teaching.


This video is part 2 of a two-part co-teaching training describing the essentials of co-teaching.


This video focuses on the relationship aspect of co-teachers.



This video shows two co-teaching models: “One Teach, One Observe” and “Station Teaching” during the course of a lesson.  The video shows how different models of co-teaching can be applied during the course of a lesson.


This video shows three teachers co-teaching together.  The parallel co-teaching model is the main focus in this video while working with a diverse group of students.  The video also shows a diverse group of students.


This video shows the “nighmare” side of co-teaching if co-teachers are not committed to working together.


This video is poking fun at what not to do when educators are co-teaching.  The bad co-teacher in this video is over dramatizing to show co-teaching done badly.