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Dear Parents,

I am very happy to have your child in my class this year.  I want to share with you a list of information important for you to know. 

  1. We all are a team.  I am excited to work with you helping your child be successful in fifth grade.
  2. I will work hard to keep an open communication with you about your child’s progress in fifth grade. 
  3. Contact me with any questions or concern through the following ways:
    • Stop in and see me.
    • Write a note to me.
    • Call the school at 402-494-4238, and ask for Mr. Kleve.
    • Email me at
  1. I have a high level of expectations when it comes to student behavior.  When a child in fifth grade is not meeting my expectations for behavior, consequence occur based on the situation.
  2. I have a high level of expectations when it comes to student academic success.  I am a very interactive teacher who holds students accountable for their learning.  Students must work extremely hard to meet my high expectations I have for them as fifth graders.
  3. There will be homework in fifth grade, especially in reading. Students are expected to bring a daily assignment planner home every night.  In the planner, homework assignments for that night are listed.  Learning targets for each day of that week are also in the planner. 

Thank you for all of your support.  I am honored to teach your child.

If you would like to know more about my teaching approach, click the About Mr. Funky Teacher Page.

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Funky Teacher (Mr. Nicholas Kleve)

Internet Safety

As your child begins to get on and explore the internet and use technology more as your child gets older, it is very important for your child to be safe while on the internet.  Click on the video below to see a video that can help teach your child to be safe on the internet.   

Why Your Child Needs To Read 20 Minutes Each Night At Home

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